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Tempotec Optics is a professional manufacturer of high quality precision optical components. Our product line includes: Waveplates, Laser Mirrors, Laser Windows, Optical Windows, Filters, Mirrors, Beamsplitters, Prisms, Lens, and related products. The main applications include components in the Laser, Surveying, Graphic, and Research instrument industries.   Tempotec has complete optics production lines that includes; Raw Material cutting, Precision Grinding and Polishing, Ultrasonic cleaning, and Optical coating. We are specialist in the capability of Precision Polishing, Double Side polishing and Iron Assisted Vacuum Deposition Coating Technology. The Quality Control laboratory utilizes test equipments, such as Nikon Thickness meters, PE Lambda-750 Spectrophotometer, Interferometers...
High Reflective Metal Coatings
Tempotec provide metal coated Front Surface Mirrors. The front surfacecoated with metal (Au, Al, or Ag) overcoated with ...
Filter Coatings
Tempotec can provide different kinds of filter coatings, upon your request. Sample Curves as followings: ...
High Reflection Coatings
Dielectric High Reflective Coatings Provide high reflectance over a broad bandwidth, and is ideal for a tunable laser o...
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