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Optical Windows

Windows are applied to isolate different physical environments while allowing light to pass. When selecting windows you should consider materials, transmission, scattering, wavefront distortion, parallelism and resistance to certain environment. Tempotec offers a wide range of different materials and different degree of precision windows. Tempotec provides serveral kinds windows for defferent applications. Customer designed special windows are available. 

Material: BK7, Fused silica, Quartz, Germanium(Ge),Silicon(Si),  etc

Precision Window Selection Guide

           Wavelength Range                     Substrate Material

185 nm - 2.1 μm

UV Fused Silica

350 nm - 2.0 μm


1.2 - 8.0 μm

Silicon (Si)

2.0 - 16 μm

Germanium (Ge)


Support specific design

Precision windowsIdeal for interferometer flats, laser windows, beamsplitter substrates, or parallel plates. Material: BK7 and Fused silica typically. Other Glass, Quartz,Germanium(Ge), Silicon(Si)are also available. General Specifications Dimension(mm):Dia12.712.7x12.7Dia25.425.4x25.4Dia50.850.8...
Infrared Windows
IR Windows are Optical Windows designed for optimal performance in the Infrared (IR) spectrums. IR Windows are ideal for use in FTIR spectroscopy, in addition to thermal imaging, FLIR, or medical systems. TempotecOptics offers a wide range of Infrared Windows in multiple anti-reflection coating or s...
Ellipitical Window / Brewster window
The window cutted as brewster angle, It's used as polarizer in laser cavity. Brewster Windows are uncoated substrates which are used as polorizers, typically within a laser cavity. Positioned at Brewster's Angle the P-Polarization portion of the light will pass through the window with _disibledeven...
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