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Dichroic Mirror

With special designed multi layer dielectric coating, the mirror reflect some wavelength      

and transmission other wavelength at the same time.             

Dichroic mirror can be used to splitter or conbine different wavelength.           

Dichroic mirror can be also used in SHG laser system as Harmanic Separators.               


Substrate Material: BK7 or Fused silica         
Dimension: Dia.25.4 (+0/-0.2) x 6.35 (+/-0.2) mm (typically)         
Flatness: λ/4 commonly, λ/10 for laser application        
Surface quality: 20-10 (subatrate for laser application), 60-40 commonly         
Parallelism: < 1 arc minute      
Clear aperture: >85%      
Protective chamfer    
Front side dichroic coated        
Back side AR coated for transmission wavelength          

Coating example for Laser SHG 1064-->532nm application:       
S1: HR R>99.5%@1064nm & HT T>90%@532nm, S2: AR R<0.25%@532nm, AOI=0deg.       
S1: HR R>99.5%@532nm & HT T>90%@1064nm, S2: AR R<0.25%@1064nm, AOI=0deg.          

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