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Color Glass Filter

It's fabricated by special color glass material. the material will absorption some wavelength and appeare different colors. The applications are including camerar filter, machine vision lens filter.                  

Material: Colored optical glass                     

1. Cut-off type: Block the short wavelength by absorption and transmit the long wavelength.      
2. Selective absorption type: Transmission (or absorption) one wavelength (or several   wavelengths).           
3. Neutral Density type: Similar absorption for the whole visible wavelength range.          

Fabrication Capability:                   
Shape: Rectangle or Round          
Dimension: 1mm~200mm          
Surface quality: 60-40 commonly, up to 40-20            
Flatness: Lambda/4 commonly, up to Lambda/10                
Parallelism: < 30", up to 3"            
AR coating is available upon request.                   

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