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Beam Splitter Coatings

1. Laser Line Polarization Beamsplitter    

High reflection for s-polarized and antireflection for p-polarized for laser application.     


                                        Single wavelength polarization beamsplitter coating    
                                   Rs>99.5@632.8nm & Rp<5%@632.8nm, 45deg. incidence   

2. Broadband Polarization Beamsplitter      

Wide wavelength bandwidth provide high reflection to s-polarized and antiflection to p-polarized.     
                                             Broadband polarization beamsplitter coating   
                           Rs>99%@450~650nm & Rp<5%@450~650nm, 45deg. incidence    

3. Dichroic Beamsplitters Mirrors        

These coatings can separate the laser fundamental and the pump wavelength, or the fundamental and the second harmonic.     

They are specific applied to laser mirror.   


                                      Short-wave pass beamsplitter coaitng   
                            R>99.8@1064nm & R<5%@532nm, 0deg. incidence   


                                                   Long-wave pass beamsplitter coating   
                                                  R>99.8%@532nm & R<5%@1064nm   

Other wavelengths and incident angles are also available.    

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