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High Reflective Metal Coatings

Tempotec provide metal coated Front Surface Mirrors. The front surfacecoated with metal (Au, Al, or Ag) overcoated with silicon monoxide(SiO2).

Metallic coatings have low peak reflectance, mechanical durability and damage threshold, but they have extremely broadband and low cost. They are insensitivity to angle of incident light and polarization.

Typical coating curves: 

                                Protective gold (Au) coating Ravg>98%@2um~12um   

                                 Protected Al coating  Ravg>87%@400-700nm, AOI=0 deg. 

                                       UV Enhanced Al coating Ravg>85%@250~700nm      

                                   Protective siliver (Ag) coating Ravg>95%@600nm~12um     


                                       Au Coating, Ravg>98%@500-1200nm, AOI=0deg.

Other wavelength and incident angle are also available.

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