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Tempotec can provide a wide variety of coatings from simple single layer AR coatings using MgF2 and mirror coatings to complex multilayer dielectric stacks. Typical types of dielectric coatings are BBAR, V-coatings, Dual wavelength AR coatings and HR coatings. Sharp cut-on and cut-off filters are also available.

Please contact us, if our standard coatings described in this chapter can not meet your requirements. Our engineers can design a special coating for you.
Filter Coatings
Tempotec can provide different kinds of filter coatings, upon your request. Sample Curves as followings: HT@532nm&amp;1064nm HR@808nm,AOI=0deg. HR@532nm&amp;1064nm HT@808nm,AOI=0deg. 400-500nm T<1%, 550nm T&gt;90%, 59...
High Reflective Metal Coatings
Tempotec provide metal coated Front Surface Mirrors. The front surfacecoated with metal (Au, Al, or Ag) overcoated with silicon monoxide(SiO2).Metallic coatings have low peak reflectance, mechanical durability and damage threshold, but they have extremely broadband and low cost. They are insensitivi...
High Reflection Coatings
Dielectric High Reflective Coatings Provide high reflectance over a broad bandwidth, and is ideal for a tunable laser or in white light applications. HR@325nm R&gt;99%, AOI=0deg.Other wavelength and incident angle are also available.
Beam Splitter Coatings
1. Laser Line Polarization Beamsplitter High reflection for s-polarized and antireflection for p-polarized for laser application. Single wavelength polarization beamsplitter coating Rs&gt;99.5@632.8nm &amp; Rp<5%@632.8nm, 45deg. incidence 2. Broadba...
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