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Front surface mirrors are coated with aluminum or dielectrics for maximum reflection. Tempotec provides both kinds of front surface mirrors: Metal coated mirror and Dielectric coated mirror.

1. Commercial quality flat window or precision window. Please refer to the optical window page. Unpolished back surface is also available.
2. Plano concave substrate. After HR coated on the concave face, it's a concave mirror.

Metal Coated Mirror
Metal Coated Mirror After aluminium (Al), silver (Ag) or Gold (Au) coating, the mirror show high relfection perfance for very wide broadband. Generally, we over coat the protective SiO2 or MgF2 layer outside the metal layer to avoid the damage from the environment. Metal coating is less...
Concave Mirror
Spherical Concave Mirror After metal or dielectric high reflection coated on the concave substrates, it's a concave mirror. Concave mirror can be focus the light beam or imaging as a lens. The focal length of concave mirror is half of the curvature radius. It can be widely used in optical...
Dielectric Coated High Reflection Mirror (Laser mirror)
High Reflection Mirrors /Laser Mirror After dielectric HR coating, the mirror have the very high reflection for specified single wavelength or broadband wavelength. For laser application, the mirror surface has been coated with very high reflection (general >99.8%) at the laser waveleng...
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