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· DNA Sequencing
· Fluorescence Microscopy & Imaging
· Flow Cytometry
· High-Throughput Screening
· Point-of-Care Diagnostics
· Raman & FTIR Spectroscopy
· Optical Coherence Tomograph

  Typical applications utilize optical components such as high precision mirrors, and coated filters. 

  Tempotec provides several kinds filters for different applications, such as Flourescence Microscopy and Flow Cytomerty.

  Customer designed special filters are available. 

Optical Filter Solutions for Flow Cytometry
Flow Cytometry is widely used in the bio-optic, medical, energy, agriculture, among other fields. The optical components used in flow cytometry mainly consist of bandpass filters and dichroics. We are qualified to offer high-quality optical components for different types of flow cytometry equipment....
Fluorescence Filters
Fluorescence filters are widely used in the biochemistry analytical field and in fluorescence microscopes.These applications usually contain three categories of filters: Excitation filters, Dichroic beam splitters and Emission filters.We offer a wide range of hard-coated optical filter products and ...
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