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OLPF(optical low-pass filter光学低通滤波器)


蓝玻璃在红光、红外光具有较强的吸收能力, 同时在大角度入射时半值波长变化量非常小。它通过膜层截止和蓝玻璃吸收红外光,可以有效改善成像时的鬼影、杂光以及偏色问题,起到色差补正、更好的还原图像真实色彩的作用。

Optical Low-pass Filter(OLPF) is a multi-component filter, which is the core part of camera phone, digital camera and CCTV optical system. A combination of one or more crystals(e.g. 45 °¢ 0 °, a quarter wavelength plate, etc.) and blue glass .Crystals can effectively filter out the Moiré Stripe caused by the high frequency light wave.

Blue glass has strong absorption capacity in red and infrared light, and the change of half-valued wavelength is very small at large angle.  Through coating layer cutoff and Absorbing infrared light by blue glass, it can effectively improve the image of ghosts, miscellaneous light and chromatic problems, play the role of color difference correction, better reduction of true color image.

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