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Tempotec fabricate many kinds of optical filters including color glass filter, neutural density filter, band pass filter, IR cut filter, IR pass filter, birefringent filter, interference filter, etc..

Optical assemblies of Filter &amp; TubeOptical filter: H-K9LSurface Quality: 60-40Both sides polishingCoating:S1: Ravg&gt; 98%@561-594.1nm &amp; Tavg&gt;95%@632.8-790nm,AOI=45° Rpavg&gt;95%@561.4-594.1nm &amp; Tpavg&gt;92%@632.8-790nmS2:Ravg<1%@632.8-790nm,AOI=45&...
Color Glass Filter
It's fabricated by special color glass material. the material will absorption some wavelength and appeare different colors. The applications are including camerar filter, machine vision lens filter. Material: Colored optical glass 1. Cut-off type: Block the short wavelength by absor...
Bandpass Filter
Bandpass filters are optical elements that are designed to transmit a specific spectral band with high efficiency, while reject others. The characteristics of the bandpass are controlled by multilayer dielectric coatings Substrate: commercial quality window or precision window. Please refe...
Neutral density (ND) Filter
Neutral density (ND) filters are used to attenuate incident radiation without altering its spectral distribution. The neutral density value of an ND filter is related to the transmittance by: D=Log(1/T) Optical Density: D Transmittance: T Absorption glass ND Filter Specifi...
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