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Tempotec fabricate many kinds of optical filters including color glass filter, neutural density filter, band pass filter, long pass filter, short pass filter, IR cut filter, IR pass filter, interference filter, etc..For convenience, many of our optical filters are available mounted.

Bandpass Filters
Bandpass filters are optical elements that are designed to transmit a specific spectral band with high efficiency, while reject others. The characteristics of the bandpass are controlled by multilayer dielectric coatings.
Longpass Filters
Longpass filters are designed to have a sharp transition from reflection to transmission, making them ideal for various applications. Available in a variety of cut-on wavelengths, these filters are designed for fluorescence,order sorting applications, and Display. Eliminate stray light by creating c...
Shortpass filters
Shortpass filters are designed to have a very sharp transition from transmission to reflection, making them extremely useful in a number of applications. Available in a variety of cut-off wavelengths, they are ideal for fluorescence applications, Display, separating spectral orders, and creating cus...
Color Glass Filters
Due to its selective absorption in visible wavelength range, color glass filter will exhibit various color depending the glass type. Color glass filter provides an economical filter for various applications, such as camera filter, machine vision lens filters, industrial measurement, environment prot...
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